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Discover the beauty of unlimited imagination.

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Atlanta, GEorgia

Akeem Clayton Designs is an Atlanta-based creative agency specializing in floral design and committed to providing design and decor solutions for weddings and events throughout the world. 

Bending Imagination

You’ve been searching for something that will take your breath away, that will awe and inspire your guests. You want beauty unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, beyond the limits of others’ imaginations, yet every design, every event, seems to be more of the same.

This is for the

Welcome to your new possibilities. 




An artist at heart with a love of floral design and nationally recognized for his skill for event production, Akeem has created countless floral masterpieces and turned events into full-blown, unparalleled experiences. 

An Akeem Clayton design will stretch your vision, bend your imagination, and take your breath away. 

That’s because it is more than a floral design. It is a work of art exceeding the creative limits of the norm to create a masterpiece as unique and rich in detail as you.

Coming from a background in interior design and fashion, Akeem Clayton is a nationally published event designer with a wealth of experience. 



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