Akeem Clayton

With 11 years of experience in the exhilarating event industry, Akeem Clayton has been deemed an innovative visionary who creates exciting experiences in the form of wedding and event design. He has been published nationally in a host of industry publications, and has produced amazing events abroad! Akeem’s roster of clients includes a multitude of business luminaries, professional athletes and entertainers that rely on his keen eye for aesthetics to bring their visions to life and beyond. An Akeem Clayton creation is a work of art that tells a story, complete with immense detail.

From a mere concept to fantastic execution, he is driven by his serious commitment to ultimate client satisfaction. His creatively chic, integrated approach is a direct reflection of his background in interior design and the arts. Continually honing in on his strong attributes has made him more than a designer, but a complete and concise businessman.

Akeem Clayton Designs


Akeem Clayton Designs is a full service event production & design house. Supported by a phenomenal team, we believe your affair isn’t just an event, it’s an experience. Continuously striving to expand creative limits, the AC brand is becoming known for its ingenious approach to creating uniquely different event and floral designs.  Akeem’s passion for creating amazing weddings and events has helped him continue to exceed the expected with an unmatched level of innovation, imagination, and inspiration.